ESMTB Conference Support

The society supports a limited number of workshops and other meetings with topics related to mathematical and theoretical biology. If you are planning to organise such a meeting, you may apply for support by filling out this form.

Guidelines for conference support:

  • At least one of the organisers is a member of the ESMTB; longer membership counts.
  • For events with registration fees up to 200 EUR, ESMTB members get a 50 EUR reduction; for events with registration fees higher than 200 EUR, ESMTB members get a 100 EUR reduction. (There is no reduced fee for ESMTB school participants, since we already have a discounted student membership fee.)
  • The organisers provide a link to the ESMTB website, endorsement publicly recognized, and visibility should be given to ESMTB during the meeting
  • A short report should be written afterwards on the meeting, to be published in the ESMTB Communications
  • The organisers undertake to offer each participant the possibility to be included in the ESMTB contact list. Participants should be asked to be part of the ESMTB email list and to receive our info letter.

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