Upcoming schools

Past schools

17 Jul 2023 Summer school in Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, and Climate Science
5 Sep 2022 School: Mathematical modeling for epidemiology: analysis, simulation and forecasting
21 Aug 2022 The Helsinki summer school on mathematical ecology and evolution
31 Jul 2022 17th Annual Multicell Virtual-Tissue Modeling Online Summer School and Hackathon
10 Jul 2022 Summer School on Stochastic Reaction Networks
30 May 2022 Second Edition of the Research School and Workshop on Mathematical Modeling of Self Organization in medicine, biology and ecology, MMSEOR2022
17 May 2022 Course "Analysis and control of stochastic models of biomolecular interactions"
9 May 2022 Summer School "Stochastic modelling in the life sciences"
4 Apr 2022 Hausdorff School: “Diffusive Systems Part II” - Pattern Formation, Bifurcations, and Biological Applications
23 Mar 2022 Mathematical Models in Epidemiology (MME) course
6 Sep 2021 Advanced course on applied dynamics in systems and synthetic biology
1 Aug 2021 16th Annual Multicell Virtual-Tissue Modeling On-Line Summer School and Hackathon
12 Apr 2021 Hausdorff School on "Diffusive Systems: Pattern Formation, Bifurcations, and Biological Applications".
15 Feb 2021 Advanced School on Applied Dynamical Systems to Synthetic and Systems Biology. Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (Barcelona)
26 Jul 2020 Combined 2020 Network Modeling Summer School and Hackathon and Multicell Virtual-Tissue Modeling Summer School and Hackathon.
20 Jan 2020 ICTP-SAIFR School on Community Ecology: from patterns to principles
12 Jan 2020 IX ICTP-SAIFR Southern-Summer School on Mathematical Biology
24 Nov 2019 CISM advanced school "Controlling delayed dynamics: advances in theory, methods and applications". Udine
10 Feb 2019 International school on "Modeling of biomaterials". Kacov, Czech Republic

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