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    • 15 Feb 2021
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 19 Feb 2021
    • (UTC+01:00)

    Advanced School on Applied Dynamical Systems to Synthetic and Systems Biology . 15-19 February 2021

    The goal of this summer school is to bring together senior researchers working within the fields of dynamical systems and complex systems. The school is directed to PhD students and postdocs mainly.


    Maíra Aguiar, BCAM

    Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, UPF

    Imma Baldomà, UPC

    Tomàs Lázaro, UPC

    For inquiries about the program please contact the research programme's coordinator Ms. Núria Hernandez at nhernandez@crm.cat​

    • 12 Apr 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • 16 Apr 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)

    Hausdorff School on "Diffusive Systems: Pattern Formation, Bifurcations, and Biological Applications".

    Dates: 12.04.2021-16.04.2021

    The aim of this School is to bring together experts from different communities to cover the investigation of diffusive systems from several viewpoints: analytically, combining methods and techniques from Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and dynamical systems to derive and analyse mathematical models for the applied phenomena; numerically, reviewing the most recent techniques and softwares for the computation of bifurcation diagrams and continuation with respect to the systems‘ parameters; and, last but not least, from the applied - in particular biological - viewpoint: the starting point of investigations in biology as a quantitative science in the last decades has led to a revival in the application of mathematics in biology, showing how a constant exchange of knowledge between the theoretical investigations and the experimental data is crucial in advancing the research in this area.

    Key speakers:

    José A. Carrillo (University of Oxford, UK)
    Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg University, Germany)
    Mariya Ptashnyk (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
    Vivi Rottschäfer (Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands)

    We will offer a combination of lectures, seminars by young researchers, working groups, and a mentoring program. These activities will promote the interaction among participants and foster opportunities for new collaborations.

    Call for participation: Financial support for PhD students and postdocs is available. Please send applications (including a letter of
    intent, a CV, and a letter of recommendation) using the online application form at


    The deadline for applications is: December 31, 2020.
    Please note: Disregarding of applying for financial support every participant has to register beforehead.
    You will be notified in due time about whether a participation / financial support is possible.

    • 8 Aug 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • 15 Aug 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)


     Dear Colleagues,

     We are glad to invite applications to the 2020 edition of The Helsinki Summer School on Mathematical Ecology and Evolution, an EMS-ESMTB School in Applied Mathematics to be held between 8 and 15 August 2020 in Turku, Finland.

     The core program consists of five series of lectures:

     Josef Hofbauer (University of Vienna): Dynamical systems in mathematical ecology

    Julia Gog (University of Cambridge): The mathematics of infectious diseases

    Pieter Trapman (Stockholm University): Stochastic models of epidemics

    Jarno Vanhatalo (University of Helsinki): Linking ecological models to data through Bayesian statistics

    Christian Hilbe (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology): Dynamics of social behaviour

     All young researchers working in mathematical ecology can apply from all countries, especially from Europe and the Mediterranean. The school is aimed at graduate students of mathematics, but we also welcome students of biology with sufficient background in mathematics, as well as advanced undergraduates and postdocs.

     For more information and details of the application procedure, please visit the school's webpage


    With best regards

    Eva Kisdi


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