Reinhart Heinrich Award Committee Working Procedures

The description of the procedures is divided into one section regarding the board of ESMTB and one for the committee.

ESMTB board procedure: The committee will consist of four ordinary members and a committee Chair. Every sixth year a new Chair of the committee will be elected by the board together with a new ordinary committee member, starting year 2019. Every sixth year, starting in the year 2022, three new ordinary committee members should be elected. Thus, the committee will at all times consist of one Chair and four ordinary members and all members will serve for six years.

In addition, the ESMTB should designate one of its members to be the contact person with the committee with the extra responsibility to replace a committee member in case of conflict of interest, see below.

Furthermore, the board should make sure information about the prize is announced efficiently in its news channels to encourage many nominations.

Committee Procedure: Each year, nominations are sent to the Chair by March 31st. The Chair checks for eligibility and then, after the closing date, sends the nominations out to the committee and requests they score them by Apr 7th. The shortlisted nominations (typically 4-5) are then following up by the Chair requesting the full theses and sent out to the other committee members by Apr 14th.  The panel is asked to score the theses by May 7th. The committee decides who is the winner and who deserves special mention as runner-up. All nominees are thanked and informed after that by personal mails.

If the levels of the candidate theses are not considered sufficiently high, the committee may choose not to announce a winner or runner-up.

At each ECMTB, the Reinhart Heinrich awards of the previous years are officially handed over and the awardees are invited to give plenary talks on the content of their theses. The number of these awards equals the years passed since the previous ECMTB.

In the event of conflict of interest (for example, a nominee from the university of a committee member), the conflicted person does not score the thesis and it is up to the chair to decide how to account for this. In the case of a committee member nominating a candidate, that member steps down from the committee temporarily for the respective year and is replaced with the designated member from the board of ESMTB. In the unlikely event that there are more than one of the original committee members who nominate a candidate, the designated board member will recruit additional substitutes from the board.

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