Author guidelines

for Perspectives in Mathematical Biology, published in Journal of Mathematical Biology.

ESMTB invites its members and colleagues to contribute short Perspectives on topical issues in mathematical and theoretical biology to be published in a separate section in the Journal of Mathematical Biology. Perspectives highlight emerging fields and novel developments of wide interest.

Author Guidelines

The series "Perspectives in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology" is published as a separate section in the Journal of Mathematical Biology, edited by Susanne Ditlevsen.

Perspectives are short contributions to highlight topical issues, emerging fields, fundamentally new approaches, and exciting novel developments in mathematical and theoretical biology, which are of interest for the diverse membership of ESMTB and the wide readership of the Journal of Mathematical Biology. Contributions should concentrate on current awareness and promising future directions: The aim is to draw attention and incite interest rather than to provide comprehensive reviews. Perspectives can express personal viewpoints and can voice the author's opinion in debated issues. Perspectives may also react to regular articles in the Journal of Mathematical Biology or to earlier Perspectives if this reaction itself fits the scope and style of the Perspectives series. Technical terms comprehensible only by specialists should be avoided. The number of references should be kept minimal; include some references that can serve as entry points to the primary literature of the topic. Perspectives should not excessively promote the author's own work. The typical length is about 2 printed pages (900 words including references); articles longer than 4 printed pages cannot be published.

Perspectives are to be submitted via the Editorial Manager system of the Journal of Mathematical Biology, When submitting a manuscript, please choose the category "Perspective" and request Mats Gyllenberg, Editor-in-chief to be the handling editor. These submissions will then be assigned to the Perspectives editor Susanne Ditlevsen ( The Perspectives editor, together with the Editor-in-chief, decides if a contribution is suitable for the Perspectives section. The contributions are peer reviewed.

Discussion forum — Commentaries on earlier Perspectives are welcome at the discussion forum associated with the Perspectives series and published online on ESMTB's website,

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