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Membership Fees

The individual membership fees were lowered by 50% in 2021, with respect to the 2020 fees. The life memberships have been lowered accordingly in 2022.

Individual Annual Membership Fee 

Full Membership

25 EUR

Reciprocal Full Membership (SMB, ISTMB, JSMB, NVTB, SFBT)*

20 EUR

Student, Eastern European, Developing Country Membership

12,50 EUR

Reciprocal Student Membership (SMB, ISTMB, JSMB, NVTB, SFBT)*

10 EUR

Institutional Annual Membership Fee

Institutional Membership (Includes up to 5 full memberships)

100 EUR

Life Membership Fee

Age 40 or above

375 EUR

Age 50 or above

250 EUR

Age 60 or above

125 EUR


*) If you are already a member of one of the following societies:
SMB = Society for Mathematical Biology
ISMTB =  Israeli Society for Theoretical and Mathematical Biology
JSMB = Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology
NVTB = Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology
SFTB = Société Francophone de Biologie Théorique (French-speaking Society for Theoretical Biology)

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