Ovide Arino Outreach Award (OAOA)

This joint ESMTB (European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology) and SFBT (Société Francophone de Biologie Théorique) prize is awarded every two years to a young researcher from a Southern country, on the basis of a remarkable contribution in mathematical or theoretical biology, carried out in collaboration with a European or French-speaking country.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be a PhD student or a young(1) researcher working in an eligible Southern country(2) at the application date.
  • Justify a contribution in mathematical or theoretical biology
    • through one or two papers on the same topic,
    • published(3) less than 3 years before the closing date of the call,
    • with at least a co-author affiliated(4)  to a European or French-speaking country other than the candidate country of work.

(1) PhD defended less than 10 years before the closing date of the call.

(2) List of eligible countries.

(3) The “first published” date indicated online prevails.

(4) The affiliation should appear on the published paper.

Candidates should be sponsored by an ESMTB or SFBT member.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications should be sent to oaoa@esmtb.org and include:

  1. Name, address, affiliation and email address of the sponsor, stating her/his ESMTB or SFBT membership.
  2. Name, address, current affiliation and email address of the candidate.
  3. CV of the candidate and, if appropriate, a copy of her/his PhD diploma (or certificate).
  4. 1 or 2 published papers constituting the candidate contribution, with links to the publishing site(s) and, if appropriate, a short header describing the complementarity of both papers.
  5. Short statement describing the importance of this contribution.

Closing date for applications is April 30th 2021.

The award includes:

  • a 1000 € prize,
  • 1-year memberships to ESMTB and SFBT.

The prize awarding committee includes: Julien Arino, Slimane Ben Miled, Rafael Bravo de la Parra, Angélique Stéphanou, Suzanne Touzeau.

Contact: oaoa@esmtb.org

Ovide Arino (1947-2003)

Ovide Arino was a mathematician working on delay differential equations. His field of application was population dynamics. He was a prolific author, who published more than 150 articles during his lifetime. He was especially active in terms of student supervision. Over the course of his career, he directed about 60 theses and devoted much time to his students. Many came from Morocco and Algeria. He has thus played a key role in the development of biomathematics in North Africa. Many of his students are now professors and still maintain international collaborations.

More information is available at:  http://euromedbiomath.ovide.free.fr/

The SFBT paid him tribute in 2004 by awarding the Ovide Arino Award at its first international conference in Morocco. Through this award, the ESMTB and SFBT join together to maintain his heritage and keep his memory alive.

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