Job openings

    • 17 Jun 2024
    • Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden

    This a fully-funded PhD position that includes training as part of a national Data-Driven Life Science program. The student will be based at IceLab which is an interdisciplinary research center and a Swedish Research Council Center of Excellence. 

    This excellent opportunity can be found here: 

    • 21 Jun 2024
    • Osnabrück University

    At Osnabrück University (Germany), the following positions are available in the fields of mathematical ecology / ecological modeling / data science / remote sensing:

    *Postdoc / Research Associate (m/f/d)*
    (Pay grade E 13 TV-L, 100%, fixed-term for five years)
    - P1: Data science methods for early warning of regime shifts

    *PhD Candidate / Research Assistant (m/f/d)*
    (Pay grade E 13 TV-L, 75%, fixed-term for three years)
    - A1: Mapping land management archetypes by multisensor remote sensing data and machine learning
    - A2: Biocontrol of eutrophication: Modeling food webs in small streams and their capacity to dam impacts from agriculture
    - A3: Ecological resilience in the flow: Modeling spatiotemporal population dynamics in rivers

    The positions are part of the DFG-funded Research Training Group ECORISK, "Ecological Regime Shifts and Systemic Risks in Coupled Socio-Ecological Systems". ECORISK deals with the causes of ecological regime shifts and their potential consequences in socio-ecological systems in an interdisciplinary approach. It is located at Osnabrück University and brings together perspectives from environmental systems science, ecological modeling, behavioral economics, geography, geoinformatics, political science, and sociology.

    The application deadline has been extended to June 21, 2024. The earliest starting date is October 1, 2024 (or later).

    Further information on the Research Training Group and the individual job advertisements are available at:

    • 30 Jun 2024
    • Université Grenoble Alpes

    We are looking for two PhD students to investigate the effects of irradiation on cell metabolism and reciprocally.

    1. Characterization of tumour cells exposure to radiations and combined influence of environmental acidity PhD Project TIMC-IJCLab
    Application deadline : 30/06/2024

    2. Mathematical and computational approaches to explore the reciprocal interaction between cell metabolism and radiation therapy in cancer
    PhD Project TIMC-Swansea
    Application deadline : 05/06/2024

    Both PhD Projects are fully funded and are due to start on October 1st, 2024. 

    • 15 Aug 2024
    • University of Franche-Comté, Besançon

    A 18-months Postdoc position is available in the Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Besançon (LMB), at the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France, to work on the project “Parameter estimation for nonlocal PDEs with applications in cell biology”.

    We are looking for candidates with a strong research background in either one of the 2 research directions of this project: (a) parameter identification and uncertainty quantification for time-evolving PDEs, and/or (b) numerical analysis (a posteriori error estimates and adaptive mesh refinement) for time-evolving PDEs.

    Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and their review will continue until the position is filled. The contract will start as soon as possible.

    For more information, please contact Raluca Eftimie ( Applicants are requested to send their expression of interest electronically in a single PDF file. Applications should include (1) a cover letter, (2) a CV, (3) contact details of up to three referees. 

    • 31 Aug 2024
    • CNRS, Marseille, France

    I am looking for motivated master interns, PhD students, and postdocs in theoretical physics or applied mathematics to work on the interactions between mechanics, biochemistry, and genetics in stem cell aggregates.

    The positions are fully funded by the ERC Synergy Grant project BREAKDANCE. Our theory work will be carried out in close collaboration with the experimental labs of Pierre-François Lenne (Marseille), Vikas Trivedi (Barcelona), and Verena Rupprecht (Barcelona).

    For more details on the positions, please see

    A recent preprint from our consortium can be found here:

    The start date is flexible.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for any informal inquiries:

    • 1 Dec 2024
    • Paris, Sorbonne University

    The Department of Computational and Quantitative Biology (LCQB) at the
    prestigious Sorbonne University, located in the heart of Paris, France, is on the
    lookout for a new director set to start January 1, 2025. This position is for a five-
    year term, with the possibility of renewal.

    Full details are available here:

    • 31 Dec 2024
    • Potsdam, Potsdam University, Germany

    4-years position (75%) | E13 TV-L | Potsdam close to Berlin

    Project Title: Modelling context-dependent shifts in the forms of symbioses

    Project Description: Symbiotic interactions - representing prolonged physical associations of several species - are common in natural systems and can determine population dynamics, species persistence and ecosystem functioning, as demonstrated for example in coral reefs and plantpollinator networks. Symbiotic interactions can take different forms including parasitism, mutualism and competition.
    Depending on the underlying costs and benefits of the symbiotic interaction, the form of symbiosis may shift between different types of species interactions, e.g. mutualism and predator-prey interaction (see figure). While recent work has shown that the costs and benefits of symbioses depend on the densities of the symbiosis partners, we currently lack an understanding of how the form of symbioses depends on species traits and the overall food web context. This is particularly important as individuals and populations may adapt their traits to altered environmental conditions and as the food web structure may strongly vary across time and space. Hence, we want to improve general theory in community ecology by accounting for context-dependent changes in the form of symbiosis including the species’ potential to adapt to altering conditions in a food web context.

    The project is embedded into a network of experimental and theoretical working groups across Germany, conducting regular workshops and meetings promoting international networking. The prospective PhD student will join the working group of Prof. Dr. Ursula Gaedke, jointly supervised by Dr. Toni Klauschies. The prospective PhD candidate has the opportunity to closely interact with an experimental PhD student addressing the same overarching topic in our working group and related research groups on Campus. They can join the Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS) allowing for a broad interdisciplinary training of soft skills and early career development. The unique location of our campus in Park Sanssouci is part of a historical place in Potsdam
    providing a fruitful scientific environment and good working atmosphere.

    Your qualification: MSc degree in Ecology or other relevant subjects such as Physics, Mathematics or Environmental Science. We are seeking enthusiastic and committed candidates who enjoy ecology and applied mathematics with a solid background in ecology and ecological modelling. The successful candidate is expected to implement and analyze numerically differential equation models with a modern programming language such as Python, MatLab or Mathematica. Very good English writing and communication skills are expected, German is an asset but not essential.

    Application: To apply, please send the following documents as a single PDF to (the position is open until it is filled)

    · Cover letter, including a statement of motivation and from when on you would be available
    · Detailed curriculum vitae including a description of your pre-knowledge in (theoretical) ecology,
    programming and former research activities
    · Certifications of education
    · If possible, provide letters of recommendation from previous supervisors

    • 31 Dec 2024
    • Potsdam, Potsdam University, Germany

     4-years position (75%) | E13 TV-L | Potsdam close to Berlin

    Project Title: Context dependent effects on protective symbiosis driven by predation, competition and parasitism

    Project Description:
    Symbiosis is a biological interaction which refers to the physical association of individuals from different species that can be positive, negative or neutral to either species. In planktonic systems several symbiotic interactions can occur simultaneously and can interact with each other. We want to study the symbiosis between Daphnia and the rotifer Brachionus rubens within a multi-species interaction web. B. rubens can attach to Daphnia which reduces the fitness of Daphnia. At the same time both species compete for resources (algae). The
    attachment becomes more relevant, when a predator of B. rubens, A. brighwelli (another rotifer) is present because attached B. rubens are protected from predation. The aim is to quantify the costs and benefits for Brachionus and Daphnia under varying conditions and to better understand symbioses in a community context. Thus, the present project will contribute to a new food web theory which includes density dependence of symbioses. In addition, video analyses will be performed to study the attachment process in more detail.

    In the case of final approval, the project is embedded into a network of several experimental and theoretical working groups across Germany conducting regular workshops and meetings.

    The prospective PhD student will join the working group of apl. Prof. Dr. Guntram Weithoff at the University of Potsdam. We provide an active research  environment covering a broad range in ecological research. Beyond that, the Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS) offers a broad program on interdisciplinary training in soft skills and early career development.

    Your qualification: MSc degree in Ecology preferably in Aquatic Ecology or a related field. We are looking for a motivated candidate with good experimental skills. Further relevant skills are: sound knowledge in conceptional ecology, statistics and very good English in writing and communication.

    Application: To apply, please send the following documents as a single PDF to (the position is open until it is filled):
    • Cover letter, including a statement of motivation and from when on you would be available
    • Curriculum vitae including information on relevant skills
    • Certificates of education
    • If possible, provide letters of recommendation from previous supervisors

Previous openings

14 Jun 2024 PhD Studentship in “Multi-scale mathematical models to predict prostate cancer progression and treatment response”
9 Jun 2024 SMQB Centre Fellow, postdoctoral role
15 May 2024 PhD position at INRAE - Avignon France
12 May 2024 PhD studentship in Mathematical Biology at the University of Montpellier
29 Apr 2024 Postdoctoral position in Bayesian inference for cell biology applications
23 Apr 2024 Post-doc position on Epidemic models at the University of Trento
23 Apr 2024 Postdoc position at the University of Trento
1 Apr 2024 Assistant professor position at Institut Agro Dijon, possible openning Spring 2024
22 Mar 2024 Two open PhD positions in Mathematical Oncology
15 Mar 2024 PhD position in Edinburgh: Modelling antibiotic resistance evolution
6 Mar 2024 Post Doctoral position
29 Feb 2024 Postdoctoral Position in Mathematical and Computational Biology/Biophysics
27 Feb 2024 Postdoc in machine learning for cancer
4 Feb 2024 Assistant Professorships in Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Processes
1 Feb 2024 Postdoctoral position at the School of Mathematics
31 Jan 2024 30 PhD student and 2 post-doctoral positions in the field of plant phenotypic plasticity
31 Jan 2024 Independent Research Fellows (Faculty) at the Barcelona Collaboratorium for Theoretical Modelling and Predictive Biology
31 Jan 2024 2 Professorships (W3) (f/m/d) / 1 CZS Junior Research Group Leader (f/m/d) / 1 Head of the new Synthtetic DNA Accelerator Lab (f/m/d)
15 Jan 2024 Two 1 year postdoc positions available in cardiac modelling and inference at University of Nottingham
1 Jan 2024 PhD/PostDoc position at the Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research
31 Dec 2023 Postdoctoral Associate Position in Cardiac-Cortical Circuit Modelling
31 Dec 2023 Postdoc on Dravet syndrome modeling: Inria (Montpellier, France) and BCAM (Bilbao, Spain)
31 Dec 2023 Postdoctoral Research Associate - Infectious Diseases Modeling
15 Dec 2023 Ph.D. Positions, Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics, NJIT
1 Dec 2023 PhD position in Computational Biology
1 Dec 2023 University of Florida, Dept. of Biology, M.S./Ph.D. Position Openings
1 Dec 2023 Phd position at INRAe & Inria in Bordeaux
27 Nov 2023 PhD position(s) at the University of Edinburgh (Biological Sciences)
23 Nov 2023 Faculty posts at Ulster University
1 Nov 2023 Assistant professor position in Applied and Computational Mathematics
15 Oct 2023 Two postdoc positions in Theoretical Biology
2 Oct 2023 Two 4-year research scholarships for PhD students
1 Oct 2023 PhD position
30 Sep 2023 Independent Research Fellows at the Barcelona Collaboratorium for Mathematical Modelling and Predictive Biology
30 Sep 2023 Assistant Professor in Mathematics - Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
10 Sep 2023 Postdoc in Interdisciplinary and Industrial Mathematics
1 Sep 2023 Postdoctoral Position in Modeling of pathogens transmission in farm settings
1 Sep 2023 PhD offer: Stochastic process, random walks and predator-prey dynamics
31 Aug 2023 Expression of interest for postdoc positions in Italy (Turin, Milan and/or Pisa)
31 Aug 2023 6 Faculty positions in Applied Maths, Stats or Data Science at the University of Birmingham
13 Aug 2023 Postdoc on immune modelling at the University of Sydney
28 Jul 2023 PhD positions at University of Pavia
7 Jul 2023 Two Phd positions in computational biophysics on Cryptochrome-based magnetorecepetion
7 Jul 2023 PhD position in Theoretical Immunology
1 Jul 2023 Postdoc position on Biological Complex Systems
30 Jun 2023 Postdoc position in Theoretical Biology
25 Jun 2023 One year post-doctoral position "Multiscale approaches and phenotypic diversity"
20 Jun 2023 Fully funded PhD positions in Mathematical Sciences at Politecnico di Torino
15 Jun 2023 Computational postdoctoral position in the design of synthetic pathways and regulatory proteins
9 Jun 2023 2-year Postdoc position in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
4 Jun 2023 Postdoc in Interdisciplinary and Industrial Mathematics
1 Jun 2023 Research position at Technology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi
1 Jun 2023 Senior Research position in Math/Statistics
1 Jun 2023 Senior Research position - Bio-mathematical modeling
18 May 2023 15 Ph.D. positions in Mathematics at the Universities of Trento and Verona
10 May 2023 PhD position in Theoretical evolutionary biology
30 Apr 2023 Post-doc positions US - Large contact network - transmission dynamics of swine infectious diseases
30 Apr 2023 Postdoc Positions and Senior Data Scientist position
30 Apr 2023 Postdoc in Biomathematics – Systems Biology of Inflammation
16 Apr 2023 Mathematics Lectureships at City, University of London
16 Apr 2023 PhD position in mathematical neuroscience
12 Apr 2023 PhD Position - Bridge PhD between Biology and Mathematics
31 Mar 2023 PhD position in Mathematical Biology
31 Mar 2023 Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematical Modelling of Epigenetic Regulation
31 Mar 2023 Postdoctoral position
3 Mar 2023 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modelling with Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Biology
10 Feb 2023 Postdoc positions in Edinburgh and Boston
31 Jan 2023 PhD position in Theoretical Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics (m/f/x)
31 Jan 2023 2 Postdoc Position on ERC Project INSPIRE
31 Jan 2023 Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Spatial Analysis and Multiscale Modelling of Solid Tumours and Their Response to Treatment
27 Jan 2023 Postdoctoral Roles available in cardiac modelling at University of Nottingham
10 Jan 2023 PhD position in infectious disease modeling
5 Jan 2023 Assistant Professor, Computational Ecology
28 Dec 2022 Assistant Professor (Tenure track) in Viral Phylodynamics
15 Dec 2022 PhD Positions, Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics, NJIT
9 Dec 2022 PhD Studentship at the University of Manchester
5 Dec 2022 PhD positions in Scotland
5 Dec 2022 Fully funded 4-year PhD studentship in mathematical biology and theoretical physics
24 Nov 2022 Flora Philip Fellowship at School of Mathematics
15 Nov 2022 Postdoc positions in Biomathematics at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
15 Nov 2022 Postdoc & Senior researcher
20 Sep 2022 Three quantitative multidisciplinary postdocs
15 Sep 2022 Open positions at The @Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Group at BCAM
9 Sep 2022 Postdoc position: The role of compartmentalization within signaling pathways
8 Sep 2022 Two PhD positions in Biophysics
2 Sep 2022 PhD position on Computational methods for analyzing the dynamics of certain diseases
1 Sep 2022 Graduate (PhD) position: Gene networks and the evolution of organismic complexity
31 Aug 2022 Post-Doc Position: Mathematical Modelling to optimise IVF Outcome with a Personalised Medicine Approach
5 Aug 2022 3-year Postdoc position in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
31 Jul 2022 PhD position in Theoretical Biology
13 Jul 2022 PhD scholarship on mathematical modelling of brain development and evolution
10 Jul 2022 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
8 Jul 2022 Research scientist positions in mathematical biology at RIKEN
5 Jun 2022 Postdoc Antimicrobial resistance modeling for global health interventions
25 May 2022 Research Software Engineers (x2)
4 May 2022 PhD position in the Theoretical Biology group at Bielefeld University
29 Apr 2022 PhD scholarship: Mathematical modeling in infection and immunity
25 Apr 2022 Two 3-Year Post-Doc positions at the interface of developmental biology and mathematical modelling
20 Apr 2022 PhD project in Systems Biology
20 Apr 2022 Postdoctoral Researcher
20 Apr 2022 Professorship (W2 or W3) on Modelling in the life sciences
17 Apr 2022 Lecturer in Mathematical Biology
15 Apr 2022 PhD position: Ecosystem-based and evolutionary approach to the exploitation of species
15 Apr 2022 PhD position: Mathematical theory of tumour evolutionary modes
15 Apr 2022 PhD Position: Multi-scale mathematical modeling of oogenesis in fish
27 Mar 2022 Postdoctoral and Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow Positions in Cardiac Electrophysiology Modelling and Inference
2 Mar 2022 PhD position: Mathematical modelling and data driven analysis of cooperation in stochastic games
28 Feb 2022 IBS Biomedical Math Senior Researcher & Postdoc Fellow
15 Feb 2022 Two Postdoc Positions in Mathematical Modeling of Microbial Evolution
8 Feb 2022 PhD positions in Evolutionary Biology
31 Jan 2022 5 senior and 4 junior postdoctoral at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) in Barcelona
27 Jan 2022 6 PhD fellowships - doctoral fellowship programme INPhINIT “la Caixa”
21 Jan 2022 PhD position in Evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of one-health vaccination strategies
19 Jan 2022 Two PhD positions in Theoretical Biology
11 Jan 2022 Tenure-track Faculty Position in Numerical Analysis
15 Dec 2021 Assistant Professor of Mathematical Health and Disease Modelling
6 Dec 2021 Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Topological Data Analysis of Lung Cancer
1 Dec 2021 Postdoc position modeling and analysis of PDEs
30 Nov 2021 Research Fellow (3-year postdoc) in Mathematical modelling of the Bunyaviruses intra-cellular life cycle
27 Oct 2021 Postdoc position: Modelling Individualisation in Evolution and Economics
11 Oct 2021 Postdoc position at the Schumacher group in Edinburgh
10 Oct 2021 PhD position in data-driven mathematical modelling for microbiology
7 Oct 2021 Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Multiscale Modeling of Embryonic Development
3 Oct 2021 2 posts as Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
30 Sep 2021 Postdoctoral Researcher at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Group, BCAM
8 Aug 2021 Senior Researcher positions
2 Aug 2021 Research Technician in Biomathematics at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Group, BCAM.
30 Jul 2021 PhD studentship: An eco-evolutionary framework for studying resilience and tipping points in ecosystems under stress
30 Jun 2021 Postdoc position on biophysical modelling
23 Jun 2021 PhD fellowship in feed-back control of individual cells in microorganism populations
20 Jun 2021 PhD position in mathematical systems biology
31 May 2021 Funded positions at Trento and Verona
17 May 2021 PhD Position in Mathematical Biology
15 May 2021 Postdoc openings on mathematical modeling and AI in drug resistance in melanoma
15 May 2021 PhD scholarship - Early Stage Researcher position in Evolutionary Game Theory and Population Dynamics: From Theory to Applications
14 May 2021 IBS Biomedical Math Group Senior Researcher/Postdoctoral Fellow Positions
13 May 2021 PhD positions in Pure and Applied Mathematics.
10 May 2021 Research Fellow in Modelling and Analysis of Cancer Invasion
30 Apr 2021 Cluster Hire in Quantitative and Computational Developmental Biology
30 Apr 2021 RA or Postdoc on modeling COVID-19 for applied public health at INSERM
28 Apr 2021 Postdoctoral Research Associates, University of Oxford
16 Mar 2021 Research fellowship positions at IBS Biomedical Mathematics Group, Daejeon, Korea
13 Mar 2021 Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
11 Mar 2021 Post-Doc in Evolutionary Theory and Disease at U Maryland
8 Mar 2021 Postdoctoral position at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Group at BCAM
5 Mar 2021 Several open positions in modelling of infectious diseases
4 Mar 2021 PhD project in “Systems biology approach for elucidating bacterial revival after antibiotic treatment”
4 Mar 2021 PhD project in Single Cell Genomics and Mitochondrial Genetics
4 Mar 2021 Phd project in “Single cell genomic approaches to study mitochondrial genetics and disorders”
24 Feb 2021 PhD studentship in mathematical modelling of cancer evolution at City, University of London
14 Feb 2021 Postdoc Fellowship at the University of Trento
14 Feb 2021 PhD Fellowship at the Delft University of Technology
10 Feb 2021 BCAM - Group Leader position in Mathematical Modelling applied to Health
29 Jan 2021 Research fellow positions in the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology group at BCAM
19 Jan 2021 Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Computational Modelling of Ocular Drug Retention and Delivery
13 Jan 2021 Postdoc position at CorStim SAS in Montpellier (France)
8 Jan 2021 Teaching and research positions in Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics at Utrecht University
15 Dec 2020 15 open positions for Early Stage Researchers within The Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network-EvoGamesPlus (Evolutionary games and population dynamics: from theory to applications).
1 Dec 2020 Two 3-year Postdoctoral Positions in Statistics and Mathematics for Personalised Breast Cancer Therapy. University of Oslo.
27 Nov 2020 4 PhD Student Positions. Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
10 Nov 2020 Competition-funded PhD opportunity (incl. international students) with the Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Edinburgh.
1 Nov 2020 Tenure-track position in Mathematical Biology. University of Victoria.
23 Oct 2020 PhD position: Funded PhD position on Context-specific factors that drive HIV transmission among men who have sex with men: Modelling the role of behaviours, social and legal factors. University of Bristol.
23 Oct 2020 Postdoc position: Senior Research Associate in Mathematical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases. University of Bristol.
11 Oct 2020 Post-Doc in the field of computational systems biology at the Robert Koch Institute ( in Berlin/Germany.
7 Oct 2020 Predoctoral Contracts for Phd Students AEI 2020 at BCAM (Bilbao, Spain)
2 Oct 2020 PhD position in applied algebra in biology. Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.
29 Sep 2020 Tenure-track positions. Faculty of Science and Technology. Umeå University, Sweden,
22 Sep 2020 PhD position in Theoretical Biology. Max Planck Institute For Evolutionary Biology, Plön, Germany.
16 Jun 2020 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biomathematics at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Group. BCAM. Bilbao.
16 Jun 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie project oportunities @BCAM (Bilbao, Spain) in Applied Mathematics, computational Mathematics and Data Science.
6 Jun 2020 Postdoctoral Positions in Human-Environment Modelling at the University of Guelph and University of Waterloo, Canada
27 May 2020 PhD Program in "MODELING AND ENGINEERING RISK AND COMPLEXITY" in the Scuola Superiore Meridionale di Napoli.
15 May 2020 Postdoc in Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford
15 May 2020 Research fellow. University of St Andrews
27 Mar 2020 PhD-Junior lecturer position in Mathematics. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
10 Mar 2020 Post-doc: Mathematical biology. University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech Republic.
27 Feb 2020 PhD position at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht.
17 Feb 2020 PhD position in Applied Mathematics within the joint graduate programme of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia and Politecnico di Torino, Italy.
12 Feb 2020 10 PhD positions and fellowships at the International Max Planck Research School for Evolutionary Biology
7 Feb 2020 PhD projects in Systems Biology. Hector Fellow Academy (Germany)
20 Jan 2020 Research assistant in mathematical/computational biology in the Schumacher group at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh.
8 Jan 2020 Three Fully Funded PhD positions in Quantitative Developmental Biologyand Mathematical Modeling at Leiden University, The Netherlands
19 Dec 2019 PhD position at the University of Bath
11 Dec 2019 PhD position at Bielefeld University
19 Nov 2019 PhD opportunities in computational/mathematical biology in Edinburgh
15 Nov 2019 2-year Postdoc/research assistant position in Zoonotic Disease Epidemiology at the University of Bristol, UK.
15 Nov 2019 PhD in Infectious Diseases and Complex Systems. University of Exeter
5 Nov 2019 PhD studenship in mathematical biology at the University of Bath, UK.
30 Oct 2019 PhD position in Mathematical Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology.
30 Oct 2019 PhD Position: Mathematical models of cooperation among heterogeneous individuals at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
30 Oct 2019 Post Doc Position: Modeling reciprocity in changing environments at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
28 Oct 2019 PhD Student position at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, within the Computational Neuroscience research group
28 Oct 2019 Research Fellow/Associate in Computational Biology. University of Edinburgh - Centre for Regenerative Medicine
27 Oct 2019 2 yr postdoc positions at the University of Copenhagen
27 Oct 2019 Assistant Researcher in Zagorski group at Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
22 Oct 2019 Position in Applied Mathematics (Dynamical Systems) at Norwegian University of Life Sciences:
17 Oct 2019 PhD studentships in Theoretical Evolution and Ecology at the University of Lausanne
3 Oct 2019 UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical AI – funded places available for 2020 entry
17 Sep 2019 Faculty Position in Systems Biology, Virginia Tech
16 Sep 2019 Postdoctoral Fellowships Szeged
1 Jul 2019 1 Assistant Professor and 2 Junior Faculty Positions at Department of Mathematics, University of California, Riverside (USA)

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