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PhD opportunities in computational/mathematical biology in Edinburgh

  • 19 Nov 2019
  • 8 Jan 2020

We are looking for ambitious and motivated postgraduate candidates to join our computational biology group at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh. We are using expertise in mathematical modelling of cell interactions to answer biological questions in development and regeneration in close collaboration with experimental colleagues.

There are four projects, competition-funded through the eastbio and Precision Medicine programmes. All projects involve computational and mathematical as well as experimental or data analysis work. Click through the links below for more information on each project:

1. Modelling cell state transitions in differentiating embryonic stem cells
in collaboration with Val Wilson's lab in Edinburgh and Jochen Kursawe at the University of St Andrews.

2. Dissecting the role of the immune system in tumour initiation using experimental & computational analysis
in collaboration with Yi Feng's lab at the Centre for Inflammation Research in Edinburgh.

3. Forward engineering of pattern formation: Models and experiments towards predictive multicellular self-organisation
in collaboration with Guillaume Blin's lab at the CRM in Edinburgh.

4. A novel data integration method for cellular social networks within self-organising multicellular systems
in collaboration with Guillaume Blin's lab and Thanasis Tsanas' DARTH group at the Usher Institute for Medical Informatics in Edinburgh.

Successful candidates will benefit from links with the research communities in mathematical biology and systems biology in Edinburgh. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in any of the above projects.


Linus Schumacher, DPhil

University of Edinburgh


Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Institute for Regeneration and Repair

Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology

Centre for Statistics

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