The 2023 Reinhart-Heinrich Doctoral Thesis Award

The Reinhart Heinrich prize committee has decided to award Dr Kishori Hari for the Reinhart Heinrich thesis prize of 2023 for his thesis “Design Principles of Phenotypic Robustness and Plasticity in Gene Regulatory Networks underlying Cancer Metastasis” defended in the Indian Institute of Sciences.


Motivation: Kishori Hari receives the prize for his significant contributions to the understanding of gene regulatory networks and their role in phenotypic plasticity and robustness,  especially for epithelial–mesenchymal transitions, using perturbations of network topologies and Boolean and ODE based network simulations.


The prize committee: Tom Britton (chair), Helen Byrne, Mirjam Kretzschmar, Josep Sardanyes and Jana Wolf

Past winners:

Kishori Hari (Indian Institute of Sciences)
Thesis title:
Design Principles of Phenotypic Robustness and Plasticity in Gene Regulatory Networks underlying Cancer Metastasis

James Holehouse (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Thesis title:
Model reduction, mechanistic modelling and transience in models of stochastic chemical kinetics

Martina Conte (University of the Basque Country, ES)
Thesis title:
Mathematical models for glioma growth and migration inside the brain

Lukas Eigentler  (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
Thesis title: Modelling dryland vegetation patterns: nonlocal dispersal, temporal variability in precipitation and species coexistence

Lisa Maria Kreusser (University of Cambridge, UK).
Thesis title: Anisotropic nonlinear PDE models and dynamical systems in biology

Daniel Nichol (University College Oxford, UK).
Thesis title: Understanding drug resistance through computational models of the genotype-phenotype mapping

Jochen Kursawe (University of Oxford, UK)
Thesis title: Quantitative Approaches to investigating epithelial morphogenesis

Stilianos Louca (University of British Columbia, CA)
Thesis title: The ecology of microbial metabolic pathways

Linus J. Schumacher (University of Oxford, UK)
Thesis title: A mathematical exploration of principles of collective cell migration and self-organisation

Aurélie Carlier (KU Leuven, NL)
Thesis title: Multiscale modelling of angiogenesis during normal and impaired bone regeneration

Juan Carlos López Alfonso (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES)
Thesis title: Modeling and optimization of radiotherapy treatment plans

Andreas Raue (University of Freiburg, DE)
Thesis title: Quantitative Dynamic Modeling: Theory and Application to Signal Transduction in the Erythropoietic System

Christoforos C. Hadjichrysanthou (City University London, UK)
Thesis title: Evolutionary models in structures populations

Sebastian Höhme (University of Leipzig, DE)
Thesis title: Agent-based modeling of growing cell populations and the regenerating liver based on image processing

Tina Toni (Imperial College London, UK)
Thesis title: Approximate Bayesian computation for parameter inference and model selection in systems biology

Stefan Legewie (HU Berlin, DE)
Thesis title: Systems biological analyses of intracellular signal transduction

Max Wolf (University of Groningen, NL)
Thesis title: Adaptive individual differences: The evolution of animal personality

Thomas Maiwald (University of Freiburg, DE)
Thesis title: Dynamical Modeling of Biological Systems

Barbara Boldin (University of Utrecht, NL)
Thesis title: Mathematical aspects of infectious disease dynamics

Antonio Politi (HU Berlin, DE)
Thesis title: Systems Biology Perspectives on Calcium Signaling and DNA Repair

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