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PhD position at INRAE - Avignon France

  • 15 May 2024
  • Avignon INRAE France

PhD position in Ecological Modelling: Population dynamics of the invasive  Japanese beetle to optimize surveillance and control strategies in Europe

Workplace: Avignon (France),
Deadline 5th May 2024

The Japanese beetle poses a significant threat to European agriculture
and biodiversity. This 3yr funded PhD thesis seeks to advance scientific knowledge on the population dynamics (both temporal and spatial) of the beetle, with the applied goal of defining effective control and surveillance strategies. The research may employ various approaches, including reaction diffusion equations, spatio-temporal point process models and remote sensing. The thesis will also explore the ecological interactions between the pest, main European crops and the environment.

Requirements: master in Applied Mathematics, Data Science, Engineering, Physics or similar, with interest in life science

Thesis direction: Daniele Bevacqua (INRAE); Florent Bonneu (Avignon University) ; Davide Martinetti ( INRAE)

For more information and to apply: daniele.bevacqua@inrae.fr

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