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Funded positions at Trento and Verona

  • 31 May 2021
  • Universities of Trento and of Verona, Italy
The PhD programme in Mathematics of the Universities of  Trento and of Verona offer 16 fully funded positions for research in some of the main fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: May 31st, 2021 - hrs 04.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

Link to the Application online (available from May 5 2021)

The positions are divided as follows:

-       8 Scholarships funded from the Universities of Trento and Verona on any topic in Pure and Applied Mathematics;
-       3 Research fellowships (Assegni di ricerca) funded by MIUR – Departments of Excellence:

A. Modelling dynamic networks with differential equations
B. Mathematics of Reinforcement Learning
C. Geometric Analysis

-       3 Scholarships co-funded by FBK (Bruno Kessler Foundation)

D.    Data-driven approaches in epidemiological modeling
E.     Evaluation of interventions against infectious diseases
F.     Analytical, stochastic, and applicative aspects of Deep Neural Networks

-       1 Scholarship co-funded by EUSTEMA S.p.A.

G.    Blockchain technology for digital notary

-       1 Scholarship funded by PAT (AI) Laboratorio Q@TN

H.    Development and security proof of Quantum Key Distribution protocols based on single particle entanglement (SP-QKD)

*Reserved scholarships can only be assigned to those candidates who apply for and obtain the specific eligibility.

 The Academic year starts on November 1, 2021.

Candidates are recommended to complete the online application well in advance before the deadline, in order to avoid possible technical problems or overcharge of the connection and/or of the application systems.

Examination's schedule: the assessment of qualifications will be held starting from June 7th, 2021; interviews will be held starting from June21st, 2021

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