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Postdoc position on biophysical modelling

  • 30 Jun 2021
  • Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands)
I'd like to announce the following postdoc position. It's a 3-year fully funded position on biophysical modelling of the cellular/tissue level processes that lay at the basis of left/right symmetry breaking and the establishment of a new body axis. We use multiple mirror-image flowers as a model system, which allows us to address this fundamental process from different perspectives, from molecular and biophysical via developmental to ecological and evolutionary. The other partners in the project, Michael Lenhard, Nicola Illing and Spencer Barrett are simultaneously recruiting postdocs.

More info: https://www.wur.nl/en/vacancy/Post-doc-biophysical-modelling-of-leftright-symmetry-breaking-in-mirror-image-flowers.htm

More info on the whole project: https://lenhardlab.wordpress.com/eine-seite/opportunities/

Best wishes,

Eva Deinum

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