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Summer School "Stochastic modelling in the life sciences"

  • 9 May 2022
  • 13 May 2022
  • Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, Germany

The application of mathematical modelling to the life science has allowed for a systematic analysis of various biological phenomena, which in turn has led to a greater understanding of several fundamental processes in biology, medicine, and evolution. This has also led to the development of new and powerful techniques within mathematics itself. A key issue is represented by the intrinsic role of stochasticity in biological phenomena.  

This Summer School aims to bring together young mathematicians (PhD students, postdocs and junior faculty) interested in the application of mathematical techniques to the life sciences, particularly ones involving a stochastic component. The school will consist of three 5 hour courses focusing on coagulation and fragmentation for genealogical processes, spatial modelling, and diffusive limits for microscopic models, together with two shorter 3 hour mini-courses on statistical inference and duality.  
A poster session is being held during the summer school; further details will follow in due time.

Prof. Nina Gantert (TU Munich)
Prof. Alison Etheridge (Oxford)
Prof. Kevin Painter (Politecnico Torino)
Dr. Jere Koskela (Warwick)
Dr. Federico Sau (IST)

Deadline for application is March 31, 2022.

You can find the online application form here: https://www.him.uni-bonn.de/programs/future-programs/future-junior-trimester-programs/stochastic-modelling-life-science/stochastic-modelling-life-science-school/online-application/

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