Membership Fees

Individual Annual Membership Fee 

Full Membership

50 EUR

Reciprocal Full Membership (SMB, ISTMB, JSMB, NVTB, SFBT)*

40 EUR

Student, Eastern European, Developing Country Membership

25 EUR

Reciprocal Student Membership (SMB, ISTMB, JSMB, NVTB, SFBT)*

20 EUR

Institutional Annual Membership Fee

Institutional Membership (Includes up to 5 full memberships)

200 EUR

Life Membership Fee

Age 40 or above

750 EUR

Age 50 or above

500 EUR

Age 60 or above

250 EUR


*) SMB = Society for Mathematical Biology
ISMTB =  Israeli Society for Theoretical and Mathematical Biology
JSMB = Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology
NVTB = Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology
SFTB = Société Francophone de Biologie Théorique (French-speaking Society for Theoretical Biology)

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