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Online seminar series: Infectious Disease Outbreaks

  • 15 Oct 2020
  • 4 Jun 2021

The webinar Infectious Disease Outbreaks is hosted by the University of Bordeaux.  The goal of this series of talks is to present multiple aspects of mathematical modelling to address important problems relevant to infectious disease outbreaks. Such problems can be addressed from many different angles from data, to mathematical models, to simulations and their combinations. COVID-19 pandemic will indeed be one of major topics in this series of lectures.

We organize this series of lectures, between France (Europe) and Canada (North America), to bring together mathematicians from both continents. We plan to have one meeting every two weeks, which will consist in two 45-minutes talks given by one speaker from Europe and one speaker from North America.

All the information concerning the talks can be found on the webpage 


except for the zoom meeting information, which will be communicated by e-mail. 

We would be very pleased to welcome you in the online seminar. If you are willing to attend and wish to keep receiving information about this event, please contact Quentin Griette quentin.griette@u-bordeaux.fr  so that we add you to the mailing list. 

The organizating committee

  •  Quentin Griette (Université de Bordeaux) 
  • Jane Heffernan (York University) 
  • Yvon Maday (Sorbonne Université) 
  • Pierre Magal (Université de Bordeaux) 
  • Jianhong Wu (York University)

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