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  • Online HACKATHON on IVF data challenges, with cash prizes! 12-18th February

Online HACKATHON on IVF data challenges, with cash prizes! 12-18th February

  • 12 Feb 2024
  • 18 Feb 2024
  • Virtual

inFer GW4 network "Fertility: In Vitro, In Silico, In Clinico"
12th - 18th February 2024

Put on your thinking caps, show some team spirit and win cash prizes!

We invite students and researchers at all levels and from any organisation or country to participate! Participants will work in teams to analyse real-world data related to key challenges in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The challenges will be released online on 12th February and participants will have until the 18th of February, midnight to submit their solutions.

Prizes will be awarded to the first three winning teams:
1st place - 500 GBP, 2nd place - 300 GBP, 3rd place - 200 GBP
The challenges will be released on 12th February 2024, 10am, on the inFer website

Please register
by the 15th of February.

The winners will be revealed at the 2nd networking event of the InFer network which is hosted by the University of Bristol on the 22nd of February 2024 (hybrid event). You can see more details and register for the latter event here:

The participants should include a narrative explaining their problem-solving methodology, and outcomes reached. Submissions should include a clear and concise description of max. 2000 words, along with any necessary documentation or instructions. You would also need to provide a paragraph that could be advertised to and be understandable by the general public, up to 200 words.

We require that participants create a GitHub repository where their final solution can be uploaded, together with a ‘README’ mark-up page outlining the specific challenge aims and objectives, the methods followed, and the solution produced. In addition to source code, we encourage outputs that highlight the solution in action e.g. videos and animations. You can join GitHub with an individual account and collectively create and join a ‘team’ but note that if you have your own repository that is fine as long as it is made publicly available.
All entries i.e. code repositories, must clearly state the team name, the challenge, and the solution name (e.g. ‘TeamName_ChallengeName_SolutionTitle’). Please use this naming convention to aid management of and access to the materials. All source code produced must be made open access.

An excellent winning entry in a different Hackathon can be found here:

Detailed terms and conditions are found on the website.
For further information, please contact us (kaourik@cardiff.ac.uk, woolleyt1@cardiff.ac.uk).

Best wishes,
Katerina Kaouri & Thomas Woolley
(inFer network leads)

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