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Susanne Solem (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

  • 20 Mar 2024
  • 13:00
  • Virtual

TitleNoise induced behavior of a stochastic neural field in a deterministic framework 

AbstractA Fokker--Planck-like partial differential equation was recently proposed to represent certain stochastic neural fields with the aim of better understanding the impact of noise on grid cells. Grid cells, with their striking firing patterns, are neurons playing an important role in the internal navigational system of mammals. The PDE representation allows for a study of noise-induced behaviors in a deterministic framework. However, the nonlinear and non-local nature of the PDE combined with a no-flux boundary condition prevents a direct application of methods used to study properties of more classical deterministic neural field models, such as pattern formation and stability of stationary states. I will talk about the derivation of this model, and discuss some challenges related to it. 

About the speaker: https://www.nmbu.no/en/about/employees/susanne-solem

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