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Workshop on forward and inverse problems in neuroscience applications

  • 21 Oct 2024
  • 23 Oct 2024
  • Amsterdam

We are pleased to announce the workshop "The Numerical Brain: forward and inverse problems in neuroscience applications", which will be held on the 21st-23rd of October 2024, organised within the Amsterdam Centre for Dynamics and Computation, at VU Amsterdam.

The workshop is at the intersection between numerical analysis, computational and experimental neuroscience. It aims to form a community working on numerical methods for simulating brain processes and inferring parameters or states. The workshop will bring together scientists who specialize in data assimilation and uncertainty quantification methods, both within and outside the field of neuroscience.

A list of participants can be found on our website

The event is supported by funding from our Centre, NWO, the NDNS+ and STAR clusters. Registration will be open in due course: we anticipate attendance will be free, with an optional fee for a social dinner.

We would be grateful if you helped us spreading the word, and we look forward to hosting you in Amsterdam in October.
The organisers
Daniele Avitabile and Svetlana Dubinkina

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