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    • 21 Apr 2024
    • 26 Apr 2024
    • Chęciny, Poland

    The Cahn-Hilliard equation, originally developed in the field of materials science, finds nowadays applications in both physics and biology. In physics, this PDE is used to model the phase separation phenomena, such as the formation of patterns in binary mixtures. In biology, the Cahn-Hilliard equation has been applied to study various phenomena, including cell-cell adhesion, tumour growth, and pattern formation in biological tissues. The Cahn-Hilliard equation is also a source of interesting problems for mathematicians. Its analysis presents several intricate mathematical challenges that intrigue researchers across mathematical and numerical analysis. One major issue lies in establishing the well-posedness of solutions, as the equation's degeneracy and fourth-order nature imply a lack of maximum principle. The degeneracy in the fourth-order term is also a source of difficulties for numerical simulations. In recent years, these challenges have spurred the exploration of advanced mathematical tools, such as the application of de Giorgi's method to prove so-called separation property, analysis of the nonlocal approximations to demonstrate the validity of singular limits (for instance, the high-friction limit) or the concept of varifold solutions to study sharp-interface limit and establish connection with the Hele-Shaw flow.

    The week-long conference on “The Cahn-Hilliard equation - recent advances and new challenges” is planned to take place from the 21st to 26th April 2024 at the European Centre for Geological Education in Chęciny, Poland. The Centre is beautifully located in the Holy Cross Mountains (Góry Świętokrzyskie) in southern Poland. More information on https://crossing.icm.edu.pl/conference/

    • 20 May 2024
    • 24 May 2024
    • Marseille (France)

    Dear all,
    We are happy to announce that the 6th edition of the tri-annual conference on « Stochastic Processes in Evolutionary Biology » will take place May 20-24, 2024 in the south of France close to Marseille, at CIRM (Luminy), a unique location on the doorstep of the beautiful "calanques". The conference will be a lively place to interact for researchers working at the interface between probability theory and evolution.

    We are launching a call to researchers wishing to present their latest research on top of a dozen invited speakers (see list below).

    Successful applications may or may not present actual biological data, but must contain interesting mathematical results. A slight preference will be given to contributions from young researchers and/or with a focus on one of the following topics:

    • Adaptation to a changing world (including e.g. evolutionary rescue, experimental evolution and coevolutionary arms races)
    • Nested evolution (e.g. populations of individuals within diversifying species, pathogens proliferating within interacting hosts, transposable elements multiplying within a replicating genome...)
    • Dormancy (including seed-banks and bacterial evolution).

    Please send your proposal via the form

    Deadline: December 1st, 2023.

    In case your proposal is accepted (talk or poster), your accomodation at CIRM will be covered (but not your travel expenses).

    Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any question. Please disseminate this announcement to interested colleagues - apologies for multiple postings.

    Best wishes,
    Amaury Lambert
    Peter Pfaffelhuber
    List of invited speakers:
    Jochen Blath
    Camille Coron
    Félix Foutel--Rodier
    Simon Myers
    Sarah Penington
    Cornelia Pokalyuk
    Emmanuel Schertzer
    Jason Schweinsberg
    Charline Smadi
    Maite Wilke Berenguer

    • 27 May 2024
    • 29 May 2024
    • Centre for Mathematical Research, Bellaterra (Barcelona)

    In a rapidly changing world, understanding the intricate relationships between climate and ecosystems has become more critical than ever.

    The “Climate-Inclusive Ecosystem Modeling: Understanding the Dynamics of Ecosystems in a Changing World (CIEM-24)” conference seeks to bring together researchers, scientists and stakeholders to explore and discuss cutting-edge approaches in modeling ecosystems, taking into account the profound influence of climate factors. The conference aims to address a wide range of topics, including theoretical ecology, ordinary and partial differential equations, autonomous and non-autonomous dynamical systems, multi-scale modelling, stochastic systems, among others, providing a comprehensive understanding of how climate change affects ecosystems and how ecosystem modeling can be enhanced to incorporate these effects.

    • 5 Jun 2024
    • 7 Jun 2024
    • Warwick

    BioInference 2024: save the date and call for abstracts

    The BioInference 2024 conference (https://bioinference.github.io/2024/) is taking place at the University of Warwick on the 5th-7th June 2024, and it will combine a data-driven meeting on day 1 (registration fee: £30) with the main two-day conference on the 6th and 7th June 2024 (registration fee: £70).

    Launched in 2022, BioInference aims to bring together researchers from across statistics and mathematical modelling who work with biological systems, and from all career stages, to foster discussions between the two communities and to prompt collaborations. The talks from the two previous BioInference conferences are available via our public YouTube channel (youtube.com/@bioinference5299).

    The two-day conference will combine contributed talks and poster sessions. We now invite abstracts for oral/poster presentations on work either relating to statistical methods development (so long as those methods are applicable to biological systems) or on the application of statistical methods to solve biological problems. All presentations will be in-person. Abstracts can be submitted via a Google form (forms.gle/SBawnWD3k8iSS1Vt6) and the deadline is on the 31st January 2024.

    It is our pleasure to confirm that this year's invited speakers are:
    · Alex Browning, University of Oxford
    · Sarah Filippi, Imperial College London
    · Hong Ge, University of Cambridge
    · Hamid Rahkooy, University of Oxford
    · Heba Sailem, King’s College London
    · Catalina Vallejos, University of Edinburgh
    The conference organising committee is committed to ensuring fair participation of individuals across all career stages, genders, races and ethnicities, ages, geographic locations, and universities.
    Data-driven meeting: problems and methodologies

    This year, we are also running an optional event on the 5th June at Warwick before the main conference starts. This aims to bring together mathematicians, statisticians and those who possess or generate datasets and would like to analyse them/answer some open questions. These may include biologists, clinicians etc in academia and industry. The idea of this meeting is to think about potential solutions to these data-based problems, gathering interest for possible collaborations between individuals across disciplines, institutions and career stages. The day would consist of a range of presentations by the experimental/business partners in the morning, and focus/discussion groups in the afternoon, aiming to start formulating an action plan to tackle the open challenges. The cost of attending day one is £30 in addition to the registration fee for the main conference.
    Kind regards,
    The BioInference Organisers

    Enrico Bibbona (Politecnico di Torino); Ioana Bouros (Oxford); Julia Brettschneider (Warwick); Raiha Browning (Warwick); Fergus Cooper (Oxford); Marina Evangelou (Imperial College London); Aden Forrow (Maine); Constandina Koki (Warwick); Ben Lambert (Oxford); Chon Lok Lei (Macau); Massimiliano Tamborrino (Warwick); Tom Thorne (Surrey); Yongchao Huang (Aberdeen).

    • 12 Jun 2024
    • 14 Jun 2024
    • University College Dublin

    The International Conference on Mathematical Neuroscience (ICMNS) is an
    inter-disciplinary conference series, bringing together theoretical/computational neuroscientists and mathematicians. The conferences are aimed at scientists interested in using or developing mathematical techniques for neuroscience problems.
    The conference will take place at University College Dublin from the 12th to 14th of June 2024, and will include keynote, invited and contributed talks.

    We welcome the submissions of contributed talks or posters, with deadline on the 16th of January 2024 at 23:59 (GMT). The submission involves uploading a 1-page abstract.

    You can read more about the conference and submit your work on our website

    • 26 Jun 2024
    • 28 Jun 2024
    • Edinburgh

    The field of population genomics is one of the fastest growing areas of interdisciplinary research. It is the culmination of the developing relationship between big data, mathematics and biological understanding.

    The Research Students' Conference in Population Genomics 2024 intends to address every facet of this emerging field through interdisciplinary collaboration. There is much recognition that the field of population genomics is multidisciplinary, and that many research groups are sparsely distributed.

    The organisers aim to bring research students working in a range of genomic and health related fields together for a three-day conference which will look at the themes: evolutionary networks, causal effect estimation and pathogen genetics.

    The conference will be a formal and structured setting for postgraduate researchers, in which research can be discussed without the pressure of large number of late-stage career researchers being present.

    For more information, abstract submission and sign-ups please see: https://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/school-of-mathematics/events/conferences/population-genomics-2024

Past conferences

6 Feb 2024 15th Conference on Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences (DSABNS)
10 Jan 2024 Biophysical Modelling in Respiratory Medicine - Network Conference 2024
1 Dec 2023 Conference on "Dynamics of biological systems: emergent phenomena at different scales", DBS2023
27 Nov 2023 Data Science Week 2023
17 Nov 2023 Conference on "Predictive Modeling in Biology and Medicine"
14 Sep 2023 Conference: Physiology in Focus 2023
20 Aug 2023 ICIAM 2023: The 10th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
18 Jun 2023 Conference Biomath 2023
14 Jun 2023 Conference Biomolecules and Nanostructures 8
8 Jun 2023 BioInference2023: Registration open (in person and online)
23 May 2023 The sixth Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics (CMPD6)
24 Apr 2023 Conference on Mathematical Population Dynamics, Ecology and Evolution (CMPDEE 2023)
31 Mar 2023 Mini-symposium "Multi-scale modelling of biomechanical systems and their simulation using neural networks" at ICCB2023
5 Feb 2023 DSABNS 2023 Conference
6 Sep 2022 BioTOMath – Mathematical Challenges in Biology and Medicine
6 Jul 2022 8th International Conference on Mathematical Neuroscience (ICMNS 2022)
9 May 2022 2nd Nordic BioMathematics Days
23 Aug 2021 Dynamics Days Europe
28 Jun 2021 7th International Conference on Mathematical Neuroscience (ICMNS 2021)
22 Jun 2021 Stochastic Models & Experiments in Ecology and Biology
21 Jun 2021 International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Applications in Science and Engineering – ICMA2SC'21. Porto, Portugal, June 21-25 2021.
20 Jun 2021 8th European Congress of Mathematics (Online)
14 Jun 2021 International conference on dynamics in systems and synthetic biology
13 Jun 2021 SMB 2021: Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology
8 Mar 2021 International Conference Dynamical Systems in Systems and Synthetic Biology (DynS^3Bio). Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (Barcelona).
2 Feb 2021 International Conference "Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences – DSABNS"
23 Sep 2020 Dynamics of biological systems: from viruses to populations VIRTUAL, 23-25 September 2020.
31 Aug 2020 12th ECMTB conference in Heidelberg (postponed to 2021, dates to be announced)
6 Jul 2020 International Conference on Mathematical Neuroscience (Digital)
4 Feb 2020 11th Conference on Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences (DSABNS 2020)
30 Sep 2019 ENUMATH 2019
15 Jul 2019 International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2019
16 Jun 2019 BIOMATH 2019
19 May 2019 Fifth International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics
3 Dec 2018 Applications of Spatial Data: Ecological Niche Modeling
3 Dec 2018 New Frontiers in Pattern Formation
27 Oct 2018 10th annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Mathematics and Biology

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